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Saturday, May 2, 2015

NSD 2015 Challenge: Some Assembly Required: A tutorial

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!!

Have you ever made a box card?  If so, did you struggle with embellishing it?  Well, have I got an easier way for you!  And if you've never made one, now is your chance.  They are fun to make and are really great cards for themed occasions.

There are many DS and Craftroom files out there (+ SVGs) to create your box card.  I used one that I got from Narelle on her blog here.   I did modify the size to the full width of a 12/12 sheet.  Her file comes with two types of inserts.  I use a 2 layer insert versus 3, especially when I am mailing.  It creates less bulk.  If you don’t want to use a Cricut, this card is easy to cut by hand.  The dimensions are
11.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall
On one of the short edges remove a .5 inch wide by 3 inch section, leaving a tab on the bottom.

Note that this is the inside of my card.  When using paper that is single sided, I always put the pattern
on the inside.  Just my preference because I don’t like it plain on the inside.

Score 3.5 inches in on the long edge starting on the end with the .5 inch tab for 8 inches.  This score line should not extend the last 2.75 inches as that will be the back of your card.  Turn the paper and cut to the score line every 2.75 inches (3 times).   On the opposite side of your cut lines, score, the paper from the edge to the center score line every  2.75 inches (3 times).  Start from the edge that has the .5 inch tab.  It should look like the picture below when you are finished.  

A double insert is 8.5 inches by 2.75 inches.
Score at 1 inch, 3.75 inches, 4.75 inches and 7.5  inches.

Add 2-sided tape in between the center score lines.  At this point it is also helpful to put a little pencil mark at the top edge of this section, directly in the center.  You will use this later to line it up to your card.

Next you will cut any decorative layers.  If you layer each panel with one layer, you will need 9 layers (plus one long one for the back) - 6 for the top 3 flaps and 3 for the bottom outside panels.  You can adhere all layers EXCEPT the back panel at this point. 

 Next, gather and/or make your embellishments.  To give height to the elements inside the box, you can use clear acetate or clam shell packaging like I did here with the balloons and pinwheels.

The next step is to add your inside elements to the box insert.  Below is a front and back view of what that looks like.  After you have completed adding the insert embellishments, you can seal the other end of the insert and attach two-sided tape to the outside of the newly closed end.


Back on the box, find the center of this panel (marked by arrow) and mark it near the score line at the top.  Do the same thing on the panel on the far right.  These are the side panels of your box card and this is
where your insert will be attached.

Peel the tape off of the side that will be attached first.  It should be the side closest to the back of the box card.  Make SURE it is facing the right direction.  Line up the tick mark on the insert with the tick mark on the panel at or just below the score line and adhere.

Wrap the front and side panel around and remove the tape on the other side of the insert.  Align the tick marks and adhere.  Now only the back of the box should be open.

Peel the tape from the tape and close the box – the tab will be on the outside, but that’s ok, you will cover this.

Add your back panel.  Lay on some more embellishments (just be careful if you have to mail that you don’t make it so thick you can’t fold it down!) And your box card is complete!

To fold it, just lay the card on its back and press down on either of the front corners. You can add ribbon under the flaps and attach a little tag with a greeting if you wish.  The beauty of these cards is that you can make them as simple or elaborate as you wish.  And by decorating  BEFORE you assemble, the process goes much smoother.

Now let’s see what you come up with!    And there is  a prize! 

Post your project on the Cricut Circle Message Board under the NSD 2015 Some Assembly Required thread for chance to win some stamp sets.  If you are not a Circle member, you can still play.  Leave me a link in the comments here  to any gallery or forum where I can find your project and you will also be entered in the drawing for some stamp sets.

Even if you can't participate, let me know if this tutorial was helpful to you and if you'll try a box card later via a comment here on my blog and I will still enter you into a drawing

for a small booby prize (why do they call it that???)

You have until midnight, May 17th to complete this challenge and Tacoah will pick the winners on May 18th.  Have fun with it!  And if you aren't already a follower, please consider joining.  I always love to see new "faces" and I treasure each one of your comments.

Also be sure to check out the following blogs over the weekend for more crafty NSD fun!


  1. Thank you for a great tutorial! I can't wait to try this out. Your box card is just delightful! The balloons and pinwheels are so cheery!

  2. Your box card is fantastic! Thank you for the tutorial! Not sure how to leave a link, but I'll try. I posted on the MB under your challenge. https://us.cricut.com/forum/cricut-community_postsm1933514_NSD-2015-Challenge--Some-Assembly-Required.aspx#1933514

  3. Francine your tutorial is so helpful. I've only made one box card and it was assembled before adding the embellishments. Thanks for the tips this looks so much simpler.

  4. And the winner is: cdm317! Congrats Colleen! Make sure I have your address!
    Thanks for playing along everyone and I hope to see lots of box cards in the future!


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