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I am wife to my wonderful husband, mother to two adult children and Nana to one special granddaughter. I also share my heart and my home with several furbabies. Being creative doesn't come easily to me, but I love to try.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

~NSD Challenge - EIEIO

My eight and final challenge for NSD week was to create a project using a barnyard animal.  This of course forced me to use another cartridge that I've never looked at.   It also required some thought as to how to incorporate a barnyard animal into the summer layout I had in mind.  I chose the chicken at 2" from Country Life.  Since Tacoah has her shades on, I figured it fits with One Cool Chick. 

This has been a really fun week and if I had had more time, I would have done more of the challenges.  I may do them anyway, at a somewhat less frenetic pace.  ;-)  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

~NSD Challenge - CCR - Creating a split letter monogram

NSD Challenge #7 begins with a fabulous CCR tutorial by Narelle on how to create a split letter Monogram.  These make wonderful anniversary or wedding or housewarming gifts and can be mounted in a glass frame or pretty much any solid surface.  I chose a $1.99 bread board from Michael's.  First I covered each side and the outer edges with a different pattern paper and applied modge podge.    Once that was dry, I applied my vinyl monogram.  Two more coats of modge podge went on top of that because I want to attach this to one of my porch posts.  I threaded some raffia through the hold to hang it.  I did not use CCR for this project.  I used my Gypsy, so I had to do the last part of the tutorial by hand since my Gypsy just did not want to cut it correctly.  Anyway,  below is my finished project and I can alternate the side that shows.  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 10, 2013

~The Tooth Fairy Cometh

Ok, so right in the middle of National Scrapbooking Day challenge week, my granddaughter loses her FIRST tooth!   Now I'm trying to be crafty and get a bunch of these challenges done and I am being told at 6pm that I MUST create a box to hold said tooth no later than 8pm (bedtime)!  eek!  Ok, so rather than trying to turn this into one of the challenges, I used the opportunity to help out on one of the Circle Cart threads.  I knew that when this day arrived, I would use Something to Remember some how, some way, to document (and I will most certainly do a layout).  I used my Imagine for this, so I have no idea what cart I used for the box???  So, just for the tooth fairy I created the following.  The fairy and phrase are both cut at 2".  Not bad for 2 hrs notice.  ;-)  This box will make it's way onto the layout eventually as well.  Thanks for stopping by!

~NSD Challenge - What's it Owl About?

NSD Challenge #5 is all about Owls.  You know those BIG birds that are very loud at NIGHT when you are trying to sleep?  LOL  They are very cool looking though.    Linda challenged us to do a project using an owl.  There are probably several carts that have owls on them, but by far the most versatile is Hoot N Holler.  And I've NEVER used it!  Ha!  This little guy was cut at 2.5 inches.  I replaced the Christmas ornament with a heart.  This used another bit of my embossed Bazzil cardstock.  This time my deep purple.  I knew that stuff would come in handy some day!  I think he actually turned out pretty cute.  I'll add this to my card stash for when I'm missing someone.  ;-)  Thanks for stopping by!

~NSD Challenge - Did-I-Mention

NSD Challenge #5 is to create something dimensional.  There are many cartridges with 3 dimensional objects on them and Renee knows them all.  Since this is Teacher Appreciation week I decided to create a treat apple for my granddaughter's kindergarden teacher.  And I had JUST the perfect paper I was hoarding.  Love this Bazzil embossed paper.  I have several colors.  ;-)  For this project I used the bottom of the cupcake holder from Sweet Tooth Boxes cut at 9.5".  I cut one just a tad bit larger than that to use as the top.  I added some inking and assembled.  I added the strip of letter patterned paper around the apple.  The Phrase was cut from Phrases at 1.5".  The pencil from Recess at .44.   The leaves on top were hand cut from green Bazzil embossed as was the rolled stem.  A couple of twine bows completed the project.  Now, what to put inside???  And it will be late.  Of course.  Thanks for stopping by!

~NSD Challenge - It's All About Perspective

NSD Challenge #4 is to Stamp Out Flat Die Cuts!  Nadia is an expert on this and shows you exactly how to do it with EVERY project she creates.  For this challenge, I broke out my Imagine (which has been sorely neglected) and my Kate's Kitchen cart.  I used both pop dots and inking to achieve dimension for this project.  I also created it as an easel card.  I cut the window out four time, once at 6" and three times at 5" .  From two of the 5" images, I cut off the windowsill and the window rod and added them on top of the 3rd 5" window, building them up. I inked these edges as well.  I cut a separate set of curtains in yellow and pop dotted them on top of the existing green.  From this modified 5" image, I removed the sky and then pop dotted it on top of the 6" image.  This makes the window 3D.  I used the flowerpot from the window image, but removed the flower and cut a hyacinth from Walk in my Garden at 2".  I inked the pieces and turned out the top set of leaves for added depth.  This went on my built out windowsill.  The inside sentiment is a stamp that says Bloom Where you are Planted.  The one thing I discovered in this project is that stamping out flat die cuts takes a lot of extra time, but what a beautiful result.  I hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for stopping by!

~NSD Challenge - Ease on Down the Road

NSD Challenge #3 for me was an easel card.  Colleen gave us a tutorial on how to make an Easel card and challenged us to create one of our own.  Since I needed to make a Mother's Day card for my "second" Mom, this was a good challenge for me.  The card is 5" x 5" and I used Sophie for the oval at 2.5" on front and the scallop at 2.5" and 2" inside.  I printed the sentiment on my computer.  I really like the easel cards and will use them again.  In fact, I used this type of card for a challenge I did on perspective.  More to come on that.  So here is my Mother's Day Easel Card!  Thanks for stopping by!

~NSD Challenge - Go Big or Go Home

Challenge #2 for National Scrapbooking Day on the Cricut Message Board really required me to step outside my box.  Sara's challenge was to use a BIG picture or a BIG title or BOTH on a project.  I chose to do a layout for this challenge.  I found a really cute picture of Tacoah at about 18 months old, just around the age when she figured out how to open the refrigerator.  She stole food!  I love the perspective of this pic looking down at her from above.  I have never used a picture this big on a layout before (I think it was about 7 x 6).  I overdid it with the button, but oh well.  It was FUN!
I used Pooh Font at about 2.5 inches.  Thanks for stopping by!

~NSD Challenge - Tic Tac Toe

Last weekend, several crafty ladies hosted a National Scrapbook Day Challenge on the Cricut Message Board and their blogs.  Each posted a project with a different challenge for us to play along.  There are PRIZES for these challenges.  ;-)  Of course, that's not why I played.  I love a good challenge and I've managed to get quite  a few done this week, even while working.  We have until Sunday at 8pm to finish.

The first challenge I did was Scrapalette's challenge called Tic Tac Toe - Three in a Row.  We had to pic 3 elements of the following and post a project. 

I engaged my trusty assistant Tacoah again, to select a project from TBBM2.  She of course picked the bride favor box even though we don't know ANYONE getting married.  I cut this at 8.5 inches.  I also cut an overlay for the dress from vellum and ran it through my cuttlebug using Swiss Dots.  The flowers were something I picked up at Joann's and I also added lace to the bottom.  So my tic tac toe was cuttlebug, box and flower.  Thanks for stopping by!

~Brooklyn Iron On Studious Kitty

When cricutmachine.com had a sale a few weeks back, I picked up the two new iron on cartridges because I thought it would be fun to try some iron on vinyl.  My only other experience with this was during Circle Mania 2012 when we made little muslin bags with a cricut head on them.  I started with one roll of white vinyl and asked Tacoah to pick something from one of the cartridges for her new shirt.  I can get these solid Ts for her at Walmart for less than $4.

I will tell you that the instructions for the iron heat setting are INCORRECT for MY IRON.  Way too hot!!!  It melted the transfer film!  Note to self:  Turn the iron down next time! eek!

Here's the character she chose.  I cut it from Brooklyn Iron On at 4 inches.  Thanks for stopping by!