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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

~Vinyl Car Decal

While running errands over the weekend, David and I saw a really cool car decal that I decided I just HAD to try to replicate with my Cricut.  I mean really, I collect all these cartridges for what?? LOL
Anyway I worked on this over a couple of evenings piecing things together from different cartridges.  My first design actually used a horse's head with skewed ovals to make longer ears, but then I remembered I had Pooh & Friends!  Eeyore to the rescue!

This was also one of my first serious attempts at using the Cricut Craftroom. I needed the bigger screen for this. 

I started with a horseshoe from County Fair at 5" and flipped it upside down.  To this I welded  a leaf that I found on Sophie, stretching it just a bit.  I next stretched and skewed and flipped a capital "S" from Art Nouveau for the tail.  These 3 pieces were welded together.  I tried to weld the base head of Eeyore to this, but I lost all the detail (even grouped), so I ended up laying the head manually when I applied it to the car.  Eeyore's head is cut at 3.5" from Pooh and Friends and I reversed the image.  I used the base image, hiding most of the inner lines, the face mask, muzzle, ear lining and mouth from this cut.  The text was cut from Sesame Street Font at .708". 

Vinyl color used
Black - base head cut, tail layer
Grey - Body, face mask
White printable - muzzle - colored peach with copics
White - eyes
Pink - ear lining and mouth
Lime Green - text

Once I had everything cut, I assembled all the head pieces.  For the tail layer, I trimmed the top of the backward S before applying over the base body tail.  I trimmed the bottom of the horseshoe into "hooves" , trimmed the neck off a little and then layered the head over the body. Finally I added the text to the donkey butt!  I lifted this all as a solid piece and adhered to my back windshield.  Now David wants one too, but I've got to wait for my vinyl order to get here.  If anyone would like the CCR file, let me know and thanks for stopping by!

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