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Monday, September 2, 2013

~Staying Neutral - like Switzerland

There is an on-going conflict on the Cricut Circle message board.  When we received our new Circle cartridge - CHARMED - the gauntlet was thrown down.  Teddy Bears on one side and Piggies on the other.  Everyone was challenged  to make a project using one of these cuts from Charmed, or any other cut you liked.  I decided to play it safe and stay neutral with this one.  Besides, with Halloween coming up and Tacoah already bugging me about decorations, I decided that I really liked and wanted to use the SPOOKY cuts.  So instead of teddies and piggies, I have spiders, ghosts and pumpkins!

Tacoah's Halloween banner:



The letters in the banner were cut at 4.5" using a 5x7 Martha Stewart Holiday's paper back.   I did two cuts of each "critter" reversing one so they look the same on both sides.  The spider was cut at 2.1" and google eyes were added. The ghost was cut at 3"  and coated with white glitter glue and glossy accents.  The pumpkin was cut at 1.5" using an orange patterned paper.  After I took the original pictures, I went back and added a little black cat the the B and the E that I cut from Chic & Scary at 1.5" and added red gems for the eyes.  I strung the letters using back tulle.  The two outside spiders are suspended from the banner using coiled black pipe cleaners.  The rest of the characters are suspended using a boa-like black yarn.  Right now this is hanging across the stair rails in my front hallway.  I think I will be sick of looking at it by the time Halloween gets here. The things we do for our grandchildren.  ;-)  Thanks for stopping by!

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